Britney: My Only Wish This Year Is…

December 22, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Britney: My Only Wish This Year Is...

What can old Saint Nick bring a girl who has everything for Xmas?


“What do I want Santa to bring me?—I have everything,” Britney told E! while promoting tonight’s premiere of her new E! special, I Am Britney Jean. “I’m so happy. I don’t need anything. I just want good health, happiness and love.”

Her boys, however, have their eyes set on the hottest electronics.

“They want everything under the sun—iPad Minis, new phones,” Britney said. “They act like they’re 27 years old. You’re eight and seven years old, you can’t have an iPad Mini and a phone! They’re into gadgets right now. They’re into games, computers and all electronic things.”

Getting a gift for boyfriend David Lucado will be pretty easy (so she thinks).

“David is really easy going,” she said. “If I just got him a card, he’d be really happy, something simple like that.”

Lies. Get him a new set of golf clubs, Brit.

Getting ready for her Las Vegas residency is quite time consuming, but Britney still finds time for retail therapy. “You always make time to go shopping,” she said. “Always.”

Don’t expect Britney to cook all that much during her time in Vegas.

“For Christmas, we’ll just have a big family dinner. For New Year’s Eve, we’ll probably do a party at [Las Vegas restaurant] Koi.”

“I’m a horrible cook,” she admitted. “I’m not very good. When I try, I could be good, but with the kids, you cook something, you take time out to really make something and then they don’t eat it. You’re just like, ‘What the heck? What’s going on? I spent two hours cooking and you’re not even eating it?'”

She’s learned frying it does the trick. “They love chicken fingers,” Brit continued. “Unfortunately, they love anything fried.”