Britney Met Charlie Ebersol After Pitching Her A Reality TV Show

First comes a reality TV series, then comes love, then comes marriage?

Britney’s currently dating producer Charlie Ebersol, and details of how their relationship came about are trickling in, and it’s kinda, umm, interesting.

The two reportedly met after Ebersol pitched a reality TV series about Britney as a philanthropist. Each episode would show Britney giving back to the community in some way.

“Jamie likes the idea. And so does Britney,” says a source to MailOnline. “It puts her out of her comfort zone of playing mom and rock star and into the role of giving to those in need.”

“The concept sounded good to Jamie, and I guess it seems that as the meetings advanced, Britney was brought in to meet Charlie.
‘Lo and behold there was chemistry there. This was a couple of months ago now. So Jamie sat on that idea of a reality show. You have to remember, Britney gets pitched these things 50 times a day. But Jamie liked the idea of her going out into the world and doing good. She’s really so naturally generous. To a fault, really. And so is Charlie.”

One meeting lead to another, and pretty soon the two took their business happenings to dinner to “get to know each other.”

Her father Jamie Spears continues to manager her finances via conservatorship, and has the authority to essentially approve or deny people in her day-to-day.

“Charlie had to pass the dad test for sure,” a long-time business friend of Jamie’s tells Daily Mail. “And Charlie had to pass legal muster, too, with that mob of lawyers that run her world.”

Jamie had to subtly go about setting the two up so Britney would keep her cool.

“Britney functions best with a man in her life, and Jamie knows that. He’s is good at selecting just the right candidates. They last a while. That’s all anyone can ask, really. Britney has a complicated life.”

“It took less than a month for Jamie to find Charlie. He eyeballed him from a distance at first. But after a few meetings together, Jamie knew he’d found a good guy.”

“Jamie had to do this stuff slowly and cautiously, so Britney wouldn’t rebel. He had to make it seem like it was her idea to date Charlie, and not the other way around or it wouldn’t work.”

Britney Met Charlie Ebersol After Pitching Her A Reality TV Show

“Charlie is very much like Britney. They make a good couple. He was born privileged. He gets the game. He gets her lifestyle. He gets her. They’re both about the same height, if that matters. And they are both a little out of touch with the cost of bread. They’ve been rich from a very young age. They live that world.”

“They were raised the same, in the Industry,” continued the insider. “Big emphasis on family and giving back to charities, that sort of stuff. That’s what Jamie loves about him.”