TMZ is reporting that Britney’s custody rights may not even be restored til APRIL: “Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vicent Kaplan, will ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to delay a hearing next month where Spears will ask to restore some of her custody rights. In addition to custody, the Commissioner was supposed to decide if Britney could start driving her kids again. But Kaplan is asking that the hearing be put off until April.”

Britney’s lawyers are trying to oppose Kevin’s request, but if Kevin’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan succeeds, Britney most likely will not have more rights (such as more visitation and the allowance to drive her kids around) until April.

No wonder Britney gets so anxious and stressed for these custody hearings / depositions. Kevin keeps asking for one ridiculous demand after the next. One second he schedules an emergency hearing, the next he suspends the hearing 4 months into the future. He’s taking her kids away from Britney when they need her the most.

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