Brand Sense is suing Britney for $10 million for breach of contract for their perfume deal with Elizabeth Arden. According to court documents, Brand Sense claims the conservatorship Britney’s currently placed under is unnecessary and want documents unsealed to win their case.

“Brand Sense intends to seek immediate relief from the probate court’s order. The notion that Britney Spears is mentally or emotionally unfit to testify under oath is a sham. Ms. Spears currently has the mental, emotional and physical capacity to endure the strain of a months-long international concert tour, make numerous public appearances, engage in interviews with the media, participate in numerous promotional campaigns for her various business enterprises, and maintain custody of her children.”

They requested Britney submit a deposition to prove their claims, but a judge ruled against this… for now. They also requested the judge unseal documents so they can prove their case. Team Britney requested the judge delay the decision to unseal court documents. Docs state:

“If the hearing on Brand Sense’s Motion to Unseal Documents is not continued to August 30, 2011, the Co-Conservators will be prejudiced and suffer irreparable harm by not having sufficient time to oppose the motion which involves important and very complex issues concerning, among other things, the Conservatee’s privacy rights.”

Britney is now scheduled to give her oral deposition on January 15, 2012. The jury trial date is set for April 23, 2012, where Britney will possibly be taking the stand, reports Brand Sense wants the “sealed documents” unsealed on October 15.

Below are newly released court docs.
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UNLIMITED CASE (Amount demanded exceeds $25,000)

1. The statement was submitted by party: Brand Sense Partners, LLC

2. The complaint was filed on: 3/30/2011 (Complaint)
4/22/2011 (First Amended Complaint)
The cross-complaint was filed on: 6/06/2011

3. All parties (Britney Brands, Inc) named in the complaint and cross-complaint have been served, have appeared, or have been dismissed.

4. Type of case: [complaint] — Breach of contract; fraud and deceit; rescission; declaratory relief; tortious interference with contractual relations; compensatory and punitive damages.

5. A jury trial is set.

6. Jury trial date is set for April 23, 2012.

7. Brand Sense will be represented by Louis R Miller & Geoffrey A. Neri at trial.

8. Brand Sense accept to file the following motions before trial: Motion for Summary Judgement.

9. The following will be completed by the date specified:

Oral depositions:
All key witnesses; including Britney Jean Spears
Requests For Admission
Requests For Products Of Documents

Brand Sense will be seeking relief from probate court orders precluding the deposition of Britney Spears.

Story developing…

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