Michael Sands, the spokesperson for Brit’s attorney Jon Eardley, says that Eardley filed documents yesterday with the federal court requesting a jury trial.

If Judge Philip Gutierrez, whom, according to Sands “is willing to listen”, approves the request, Britney herself will get the chance to take the stand and speak for herself in a court of law.

Additionally, Sands tells us Gutierrez moved up the deadline for filing paperwork to today, the 22nd, (from February 29th) and that Eardley is ready to go with his defense of Britney’s civil rights violation.

As we reported yesterday, Sam, Michael Sands and Jon Eardley may be in court today (Sands wasn’t yet sure) to discuss the restraining order that Sam willingly accepted Thursday morning.

Stay tuned…

Source: x17online.com

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