Britney Matures Into Supermom

November 27, 2005 By Jordan Miller

The pop princess has grown up. Britney Spears has left behind her wild, rebellious streak – and blossomed into a mother whose dedication has impressed her critics. “She is no longer the wild child we saw before she gave birth [to Sean Preston 11 weeks ago],” said Katrina Szish, an editor at Us Weekly magazine. “It’s like she has always wanted to be a mom, and she found the role that she was born to play.” Britney’s family pictures appeared for the first time in the current edition of People magazine, cuddling baby Sean with a groomed-looking husband Kevin Federline gazing at them.
The star, previously known for wild parties, an extremely short-lived wedding and lurid brags about her *** life, told how she would spend Thanksgiving surrounded by family and watching the Macy’s parade on TV. “She has wholeheartedly transformed from being a child herself, a rebel who was wild and unruly, to be a fantastic mother,” said Jackie Gallo, senior editor at In Touch magazine. “You can see that she has really settled down into family life.” Britney has also helped set up the Spears Family Hurricane Relief Foundation to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina in her native Louisiana.

“She has become an extremely responsible mother who is devoted to her child,” added Gallo. “Her husband, on the other hand, has not changed at all,” said Szish. “It seems like having a child has turned him into more of a child.” Star magazine reports that Federline has not stopped his rabble-rousing ways – with late-night clubbing, drinking and smoking. “Kevin already had two children [with actress Shar Jackson], and it’s easy to see that a third child is not going to change him any more than the other two,” said Gallo. In fact, the married couple now appear so different that a poll of Star magazine’s readers showed that 65% thought the pair should divorce.