VH1 adds it all up and counts down the “100 Greatest Teen Stars” in a new five-hour, five consecutive night special beginning Monday February 6 at 9 PM ET/PT. Hosted by Deborah Gibson, “100 Greatest Teen Stars,” brings you the most awesome teen celebs ever from TV, movies and music. We’ll look back at what made them famous, plus check out what they’re up to today. Get ready to revisit all the moments that made these teen stars so huge. We’ll wallow in classic clips and sugary pop songs. With new original interviews about their teen heyday and what they’re doing now. Did you know Willie Aames plays the Christian superhero Bibleman? Michael Schoeffling (aka Jake from “Sixteen Candles”) quit acting and runs a furniture company in Pennsylvania? Marc “Skippy” Price is now a television producer? Well you do now, and you’ll know a lot more by watching “100 Greatest Teen Stars.”

01. Molly Ringwald
02. Rob Lowe
03. Britney Spears
04. Anthony Michael Hall
05. Shannen Doherty
06. David Cassidy
07. Winona Ryder
08. Corey Haim
09. River Phoenix
10. Matt Dillon

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