It “just didn’t work.”

That is the infamous explanation Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph gave when explaining why they scrapped the David LaChapelle-directed music video for “Make Me,” and it’s easier to digest now that the full version, or some variation of it, has hit the net in high resolution (though it’s still unfinished). Unfortunately I can’t link you to it/share because of copyright.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

The concept

It begins with Britney and her dancers bumpin’ and grinding in an underground warehouse. The princess of pop is wearing a barely-there, Piece Of Me-esque one-piece and knee high boots, as well as a tan-colored, sheer leotard. She celebrates the scene by hopping into a luxury sports car and making her way to a modest Las Vegas house with a boy toy.

After a drive through the desert (curiously soundtracked to an instrumental from The Lion King composed by Hans Zimmer), Britney and her dude arrive to a house with an eviction notice on the door. The words are pretty interesting:

It reads: “The tenants Adam and Eve have been found in volition of Eden Resident Conduct Statue. 1.16 and are hereby ordered to vacate the premises immediately. Failure to complete may result in civil penalties up to and including death by flaming sword.”


Here’s where things get weird. Brit pours milk into a bowl for a leopard to drink while her dancers twirl on poles. There’s product placement for EOS and Orange Theory Fitness. Apparently Britney isn’t a fan of the Orange Theory ad on the television, because she throws the TV set out of the second-story window into the backyard pool where one of her dancers is swimming and knocks him out.

Before Britney saves his life by mouth-to-mouth, she has a fling with G-Eazy in the upstairs bedroom.

Then there’s shots of Britney ******* covered by glittery red paint and writhing around in a cage.

It’s all very unnerving and bizarre, but oddly beautiful. She ends up destroying the house with a bulldozer before giving another dude a smooch on the lips.

Larry wasn’t wrong when he said the video just didn’t work, but it brought out a raw *** appeal we hadn’t seen from Britney since “Work *****,” and even that video is tame in comparison.

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