I’d rather put something out there and call BS on it, then pretend like it doesn’t exist. Which is what I plan on doing with the following story. Cause you know for a fact you’ll be at school or something and some dumb kid, who knows you’re a big Britney fan, will come up to you and say “I HEARD BRITNEY’S KIDS DON’T KNOW WHO SHE IS.” And you go “That’s completely not true, they love her unconditionally.” And they go “NO, I READ IT IN A MAGAZINE.” And by this point you’re 110% positive this big-mouth doesn’t even know how to tie their shoes, let alone relay an accurate tabloid story to you. Not that I know any of this from personal experience… So here we go:

“She had been looking forward to her first overnight visit with her sons all week, but Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden, 22 months, didn’t seem to feel the same way when they arrived at Britney Spears’ Beverly Hills mansion on June 28th,” reports In Touch. “The kids were a little tired, and not fully aware of why they were staying with her,” says a family friend. “Especially Jayden. He burst into tears.” Although the boys, who hadn’t slept in their mother’s house in five months, eventually cheered up and had “a great time,” according to the friend, Jayden’s outburst wounded Britney deeply. “She’s starting to realize that shes missed out on a lot of their lives,” an insider says.

Because of Britney’s bizarre behavior earlier in the year, Britney was stripped of all visitation from her kids. “Without Britney to care for them, the children became dependant on their nanny. “She wakes them up, feeds them breakfast and puts them down for their naps,” says the friend. “She loves them. It must have crushed Britney when she heard the boys call their nanny ‘Nana,’ and to see how close she is to them,” the insider says. “She’s like their mom!” During another visit with Britney, the boys cried when their nanny had to leave. “It’s sad for everyone,” says the friend. “Britney is their mom, and they don’t know to go to her because they haven’t seen her enough.”

The nanny, Jenny, has been there for the boys whenever they are in “Kevin’s” custody. I applaud her for taking great care of them. Somebody has to.

“Britney and Kevin are scheduled to go to court in August to work out a new arrangement, and it’s said that Britney hopes to regain joint custody. The friend says that Kevin’s not opposed to letting his ex have more time with their sons. “He feels like they need their mother,” says the pal.”

An expert says that the sooner Britney gets involved in her sons’ lives, the more likely she is to build the lasting relationships. “This is a crucial period in their lives,” says psychologist Patricia Farrell, who does not treat the star. “They need to be able to trust that someone will be there all the time.”

As for Britney, she finally understands how much is at stake. Recently, she has shown willingness to make sacrifices and is making plans to give up her Beverly Hills home and move to a neighborhood that’s more child-friendly. “Britney really misses her kids,” says the family friend. “She loves them and realizes she made mistakes, but she can do better now.”

Maybe if Kevin wasn’t such a money-hungry tool, this would have never happened in the first place. Kevin gets to go clubbing every weekend, even awarded “Father of the Year” for it – yet if Britney did that she’d be burned at the stake. Yes of course Kevin loves his kids, no one has ever said he doesn’t. But he loves Britney’s money too. I don’t remember him fighting this hard for Shar’s kids.

She just dove inside it blind, couldn’t see what swam inside.

Credit to Exhaler PerfectxLover for the transcript.

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