Britney Loves Her Babies And Her Fans

August 25, 2007 By Jordan Miller

Life & Style apparently talked to Britney. Not sure if I believe it, and I do not want to post the entire article cause they are trash. Here are the quotes and the good parts:

Britney revealed precisely what was weighing on her mind: her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James and the possibility that their father, Kevin Federline, could win primary custody of them. “My babies are my life, I love them more than anything.”

An insider close to Britney says: “Britney feels a mix of anger and sadness. She knows she isn’t a perfect mom, but it’s hurtful to he picked apart.”
Britney says both of her boys are doing “so good.” She also revealed what’s helping her through these difficult times: “I love my fans, I really do. They’re so sweet to me.” Those fans are eagerly awaiting Brit’s next album, tentatively due to be released late this year by Jive Records.

“Lynne wants to ask Britney to end the fighting for the sake of the boys,” says a family insider. “She wants to tell Britney, ‘Let’s walk into court, united as a family.”

New lyrics: Britney also admits feeling like she’s been taken advantage of. “Everybody got the best of me,” she sings. “I’m feeling stupid and got, and God I should be… I’m feeling crazy.”

And no matter how tough things have gotten, she’s never lost hope they’ll improve. As she sings on one track for her upcoming CD: “The sun, it will rise…I will pull through.”

Source: Life & Style