Back in November last year, three artists released a Greatest Hits packages on the same day, two of which were Shania Twain and Britney Spears. Much speculation was flying around over whose album would be the most successful. With Christmas over, lets take a look.

The opening week sales saw Shania win the battle easily, and now, its clear, she also won the war. As of December 19th, according to SoundScan figures, Shania’s album had sold 1.891 million copies. By the same date, Britney’s album had sold a paltry 693,000 copies. Since then, Shania’s album has remained higher up the charts, meaning the gap has only widened.

Britney’s album has sold basically a THIRD of what Shania’s sold. Which just goes to show how far she has fallen.” thanks

Thing is, when your 23, only had 18worldwide singles, your Greatest Hits album isnt going to sell, especially without promotion, Britney has had 4 albums and only 18 worldwide singles, so the GH album isnt really worth it, most fans would have already brought the other four albums, anyway, and Shania’s old and has been around for ages, and with a wider era of hits her GH is more worth it, Britney is still as strong, and always will be!!

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