TMZ is reporting that Britney has hired a new manager, a man named Jeff Kwatinetz, Kelly Clarkson’s former manager. Mr. Kwatinetz is CEO of The Firm, one of Hollywood’s most powerful agencies. The Firm also manages stars like Justin Timberlake and Mandy Moore.

Let’s hope Jeff will let Britney be Britney and still manage to have some sort of control over her. Kwatinetz speaks about the controversy that went down with Kelly Clarkson and her then manager Clive Davis to Entertainment Weekly: “In a time when record labels are under increased economic pressures, they get nervous when a big-selling artist like Kelly wants to take risks and evolve. The pressure they put on this young woman to compromise herself and do another version of the same record, I’ve never witnessed in my career.”

May the force be with you, Jeff!

Source: TMZ

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