Britney is the new Dorothy!

Surrounded by flying monkeys, people with no brains, hearts or courage!

Britney was spotted filling out a customer contact form after shopping at a Juicy Couture shop in Manhattan last week, according to

The address Britney listed was “The Yellow Brick Road.”


Britney reportedly spent $1,500 of clothes in just 20 minutes on the following:


“•A flower-shaped mother of pearl ring for $88.
•Black “Perri” suede platforms for $375.
•A pink shawl-neck sweater dress for $248.
•A leopard-print velour hoodie for $158.
•A boho-print sleeveless ruffle top, originally $158, reduced to $79.99.
•A “Banana Seat” maxi dress, originally $328, reduced to $149.
•And a pink-leather braid-detail hand bag for $428.”

And she never asked for any special treatment!

“We didn’t close down any of the store for her,” says a Juicy employee. “But her bodyguards just blocked off wherever she went so nobody could get near.”

“We do have a VIP cash register, but she didn’t want to use it.”

Atta-girl, Britney! Now you just need a tornado to sweep your house up into the sky and be rid of those Munchkins forever!

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