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Britney Literally Busting Her *** Rehearsing New Piece Of Me Show

Brit showed off a bunch of bruises on her legs from rehearsing.


You wanna hot show? You betta work *****.

Britney is preparing some major slayage come Feb. 13. When she returns to Las Vegas to launch her reimagined Piece Of Me show, she’ll have changed 75% of the show, including replacing several songs, new choreography and costumes. It was reported Britney is really eager to debut the changes, but it’s taking its toll! The “Pretty Girls” singer shared a photo of her legs covered in bruises from the intense rehearsal process that’s currently underway. She wrote, “Someone jokingly asked me what the hell I did yesterday… check out my bruises that’s what I did! Working hard on the new show! Get ready!!”

Britney and her dancers are rehearsing in a venue outside of Planet Hollywood while Jennifer Lopez finishes out the first leg of her new All I Have residency. Rumor has it she’s adding “Breathe On Me,” “Touch Of My Hand” and replacing the epic “Work *****” intro with something else… maybe a new song?

“She’s in the greatest shape and happiest state of her life,” a source told The Las Vegas Sun last week. “She can’t wait to unveil her new look and the show’s new look.”


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