Britney’s ‘Glory’ kickoff track “Invitation” will put you in a mood.


Britney’s Glory kickoff track “Invitation” will put you in a mood.

Continuing the trend of slow-paced downtempo vibey cuts is “Invitation.” 25 seconds of the ballad landed online Friday morning after a fan with a physical copy of the album decided to share a snippet.

Only a glimpse of the song is available, but it sounds magical.

The song begins with haunting woahs before her trembling vocals glide in.

“If I could feel the… this feeling I’ve been dreaming of,” she sings. “I’m ready to reveal that… Let the inhibitions come undone.”

Read his Tweets below:

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It’s alarming someone has their hands on the standard version of the album, because it might mean a premature leak before the official premiere next Friday (August 26). Stay tuned…

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