Britney Leads with Curious!

October 16, 2004 By Jordan Miller

The Sacramento Bee had a poll on which celebrity perfume has the most delicious name. Well we are glad to inform you that Britney won. Beyonce Knowles came in #2 with “True Star,” Jennifer Lopez ended at #3 with “Glow,” and rounding #4 were the Olsen Twins with Mary-Kate and Ashle Olsen’s two perfume “One & “Two.”

You can order “Curious” products, including the perfume, shower gel, and Deliciously Whipped! Body Souffle, at Macy’s online.

1. Britney Spears’ “Curious”
2. Beyonce Knowles’ “True Star”
3. Jennifer Lopez’s “Glow”
4. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s two perfumes “One” and “Two”

Thanks to BritneySpears.Org!