Britney Launches Shades Range

June 29, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS has launched her own range of sunglasses, so fans can look cool in the summer.
SHADES OF BRITNEY glasses will cost between $15 (GBP10) and $22 (GBP15) and can be bought by Britney devotees in stores and online.
A source close to the singer – who also endorses skates, trainers and soft drinks – says, “Everyone knows Britney for her cool style and looks.
“She has personally picked the range so the demand has been amazing.”
And fans are already clamouring to get their hands on the LUCKY hitmakers shades.
The source adds, “They are being snapped up at every shop where they are sold.
“Everyone wants a pair of Britney shades.”