Britney returns to her Piece Of Me stage to begin her holiday leg.


Britney returns to Las Vegas for another string of Piece Of Me shows.

Not only was it **** Sunday, but Britney kicked-off another round of performances to close out 2015 – her first in over a month.

But just because Britney wasn’t on stage, doesn’t mean she didn’t get to work, *****. During her four weeks off, the “Showdown” singer semi-launched a beta version of her app, Britney Spears: American Dream, filmed a PSA reminding fans to keep safe during the holiday, hit the gym and slayed a recent vocal session in the recording studio for B9.

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It’s Britney’s time to shine in the spotlight.

Fans can expect changes to the show, but not until February. After the holiday leg concludes on Jan. 3, Britney will begin rehearsing new routines beginning on Jan. 4 in L.A. in preparation for her return on Feb. 13, reports the Las Vegas Sun. A source tells them Britney wants to change 50% of the “songs, music and dance routines, with new costumes.”

Exciting things to come, so in the mean time let’s enjoy the last few original shows! We highly encourage you to register an Exhale account and begin chatting with thousands of music lovers! This thread will update all the details from Sunday’s show, so be sure to check back!

Back in Vegas peeps!

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