Britney & Kevin Had Another Parenting Meeting Today

October 29, 2007 By Jordan Miller

OK! Magazine is reporting that Britney and Kevin had another judge ordered parent counseling meeting today. The two met at the Four Seasons Hotel in L.A.. “If it goes anything like last week’s meeting, it will involve several smoke breaks for Kevin before it’s through,” explains a source to OK! ” Britney is behaving herself,” another insider explains to OK!. “She appears to finally be doing what the court ordered.”

Another step in the right direction. We’re proud of you Britney!

OK! Magazine is also reporting that the judge’s decision may be held off until Wednesday: “Attorneys for both sides have asked the judge to hold off on issuing his ruling until Wednesday,” the source explains to OK!, adding, “by that point, all the weekly entertainment magazines will have gone to press and it’ll be too late to get the story in. it’s unlikely the judge will go along with the lawyers’ request and the ruling may end up being released as soon as later Monday afternoon.”