First off, let me begin by saying it’s 8am on a Saturday morning, and I’m updating about Britney allegedly meeting up with Justin. Yay… Don’t roll your eyes at me!

Britney was spotted heading over to a Robin Thicke concert at the House of Blues in Los Angeles Thursday night. Coincidently so was ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake – who is said to be writing and producing for Britney’s upcoming studio album.

“Britney was backstage having a great time hanging out with a friend named Marianne,” an eyewitness tells Star. “She hung for a bit, then left through a side entrance at 10:37 pm, covering her face.”

Meanwhile Justin was seen canoodling (is that spelled right?) with girlfriend Jessica Biel in the VIP lounge drinking cocktails and jammin’ to the music. “He had his arm around Jessica the entire time and they were constantly kissing each other,” says an onlooker. “They looked like they were having a blast. They are obviously in love.”

I wonder if A. Justin was even there and B. if he was, did Britney and Justin have their long anticipated makeup *** say hi to one another. Guess we’ll never know!

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