"Britney Jean" Snippets Leak

In case you haven’t heard, 30-snippets of every song off “Britney Jean” leaked onto the Internet today.

Several of the songs leaked in full this week, including “Alien,” “Brightest Morning Star” and the “Perfume Dreaming Mix.”

“Work *****”
“It Should Be Easy,” feat. will.i.am
“Tik Tik Boom,” feat. T.I.
“Body Ache”
“Til It’s Gone”
“Chillin’ With You,” feat. Jamie Lynn
“Don’t Cry”
(Deluxe edition tracks)
“Brightest Morning Star”
“Hold on Tight”
“Now That I Found You”
“Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)”

BreatheHeavy.com isn’t posting them, so good luck finding them on your own.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before the album leaks in its entirety. What do YOU think about the leaks?