"Britney Jean" Sliding Out Of Top 15

Beyonce proved the music industry needed a good smack in the face. She dropped her album unannounced last Thursday and is predicted she’ll sell 600,000+ units by mid-week. “Britney Jean,” although accompanied by interviews and Twitter chats, failed to make the impact fans had hoped for, and it shows in numbers.

“BJ” may fall completely out of the Top 15 on Billboard this week, according to HDD, who forecasts Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and Garth Brooks will remain the reigning champs.

Britney’s stated many times this album is for the fans, but that seems like jargon for ‘BRB, rehearsing for Vegas instead.’ I think “BJ” is a very solid, well-produced album with a cohesive theme – though I’m not really buying the ~most personal album ever~ marketing – but who am I to say it isn’t. I’d like to see it performing better commercially, is that criminal (cause mama I’m in love with a)?

However, Britney is a different animal in the music biz than Beyonce so it’s easy to try and compare both divas, but it’s apples and oranges. Right? What do YOU think? Do numbers matter? Would you like to see “Britney Jean” sell more? Leave a comment in Exhale and let us know what you think.