I know for a fact when I’m with my significant other I want to avoid public places, holding hands and, well… any interaction at all!

Oh wait, that’s Britney and “boyfriend” Jason Trawick’s public relationship.

But according to People.com, Britney and Jason are still together.

“Jason did not break up with Britney. That’s totally false,” said a source.

“Things are fine – they still maintain a great working relationship and he’s in her life as a great friend as he’s always been.”

“Working relationship.”

People continues to say the two have a “mutual respect for one another.”

“Things are casual… Britney really listens to what he has to say. He’s been with her a long time, he gets along with the family,” says the source.

“He has her best interests at heart, and he cares about her.”

I call BS.

Image: x17online.com

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