Last night’s The X Factor episode went out with a bang, sending home fan-favorite contestants, including Diamond White from Britney’s group.

“It was really just dreadful [sending her home], because I love Diamond, but one had to go so you have to make that decision and it’s really tough because they’re so incredibly talented, you know. She has an amazing voice for such a young age and it’s really hard to do that,” Britney told

Diamond faced off against Arin Ray, who Cowell felt should stay, only to say he changed his mind after seeing Diamond’s performance.

So what made Britney choose Arin over Diamond?

“I was… um… I was looking for that eye of the tiger, that it factor, that something that just kind of wows you and takes you in and you just kind of know,” Britney added. “So that’s why I made my decision.”

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