Five years ago this week, Britney Spears hit #1 on the Lycos 50 for the first time and today Britney Spears (#1) once again reigns supreme among web users. The record-breaking teenybopper crooner has a knack for keeping herself in the public eye. It does not matter that her album, Oops, I Did It Again, was called “fantastic pop cheese” by Rolling Stone because five years later, we still care. Britney Spears seems to have taken re-invention advice from her idol, Madonna, who supposedly is planning a Kabbalah ceremony for the unborn baby.
The latest bit of gossip coming out of Spears’ camp is that pesky paparazzo was shot by a BB gun during her baby shower. Supposedly, a lens-man was hoping to get a shot of celebrity A-listers attending the party, but instead got a shot of plastic, in his leg. Brad Diaz, one of about 15 paparazzo stationed at the foot of the Malibu home’s driveway, was clipped in the thigh by the plastic bullet, according to the Los Angeles Times. Spears’ bodyguards told authorities they weren’t involved in the incident.

Search Name/Search Term/ Change/ Last Week/ Weeks on List

1 Britney Spears/TV Birth/ nc/ #1/ 310
2 Pam Anderson/Mrs. Tommy Lee/ nc/ #2/ 310
3 Neopets/Happy Meal/ #6 /24
4 Dragonball/Anime Legend/ #3/ 310
5 Jessica Simpson/Daisy Rules/ #9/ 20
6 Poker/Jennifer Tilly/ #5/ 72
7 Paris Hilton/Back w/Nicole/ #4/ 91
8 Pokemon/National Championship/ #10/ 36
9 Inuyasha/Adult Swim/ #12/ 7
10 WWE/American Bash/ #7/ 310


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