Business Queen.

It appears Britney Spears has yet another fragrance on the way.

The pop princess’ beauty empire is about to expand. We think. New photo and video advertisements promoting a fragrance titled Sunset Fantasy are making the rounds right now. We can’t confirm whether they are legit yet or not, but it looks that way.

Why do we have our doubts? For one, the perfume does not appear on any commercial or beauty product website… yet. Also, fans suspect the photo up top is an edit. Hey, when you’re running one of the hottest shows in Vegas it’s hard to fit a new pictorial in, ya dig? That secret shoot Britney teased the other day? It most likely does not have anything to do with Sunset Fantasy, but that is also pure speculation.

Check out the supposed new video ad below – it uses footage from the Private Show ad.

In case you’re not keeping track, Sunset Fantasy marks the Glory singer’s 23rd fragrance(!!!). And why not? They sell like hot cakes! In 2012, it was reported Britney’s fragrances raked in more than $1.5 billion, so five years later… it’s safe to say she has crossed the $2 billion threshold. BILLION.

In January, the pop star unleashed ‘Fantasy In Bloom.’ Then in June, Brit launched VIP Private Show. Business Queen!

Britney Spears Perfumes:
Midnight Fantasy
Hidden Fantasy
Circus Fantasy
Fantasy Fantasy
Island Fantasy
Fantasy: Anniversary Edition
Fantasy: The Nice Remix
Fantasy: The Naughty Remix
Fantasy: Stage Edition
Rocker Femme Fantasy
Fantasy: The Intimate Edition
Maui Fantasy
Fantasy In Bloom
Curious: In Control
Curious Heart
Cosmic Radiance
Private Show
VIP Private Show
Sunset Fantasy (TBD)

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