Ok Wendy Williams Is A Radio Personality That Is Based In New York City. She Has All The Gossip Before Anyone Else And She Was Also The One That Had The Screaming Fight With A High Whitney Houston On The Radio That Landed Her Her Own Television Show On Vh1 & Her Radio Show To Become Nationally Syndicated.

Anywho Today She Was Talking About How Britney Was Caught Swimming And Fooling Around Inside Her Hotel Room With Kevin Federline With No Brace And She Was Having Absolutely No Problems Doing It. She Said The Pictures Will Be In The New Us Weekly And The Star Magazine And Was Saying How The Photos Went For Over A Million A Piece. She Later Went On To Say That Britney Cancelled The Tour Due To The Fact That She Is Pregnant. The Weight That She Has Put On Is All Due To The Fact That She Is Beginning To Show Now That She Is Rumored To Be 2-3 Months Along. Her Reps Confirmed The News And Said That Britney Will Make A Public Announcement At A Press Conference Set Up By Her Manager & Record Label On Thursday Afternoon. Kevin Will Be By Her Side.

Wendy Was So Upset By This She Was Saying How Britney Is A Huge Star And That Her Latest Album Had Hit #1 And Sold Over 3 Million Units And That She Is Still Very Successful Because The Tour Was Selling Well And People Were Saying Good Things About It. She Also Said That She Was Surprised She Would Do This Because “toxic” Had Hit #1 & “everytime” Was On Its Way Up The Charts.

People Were Calling Up The Show All Day Saying That They Hope She Gets Her Act Together Because Her Alcohol And Drug Use Will Take A Toll On The Child And Her Pregnancy And That She Needs To Break Up With Him And Get Back With Justin.

What Is Going On !! I’m So Excited I Can’t Even Type Lol !!

Written by: Diva2004 from BritneyBoards.com

In my opinion, I think this is ********. There are pictures on my site of her smoking AND drinking…if she were to have a baby, she would NOT do that.

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