There’s a full-page Britney special feature in the Daily Star today!

And as well as pix from her new video under the headline “Britney’s Dirty Dancing Vid Shocker” they have this story:

“Britney Spears is officially the Queen of Pop after selling more records than any other woman this century.

She dethroned Madonna by shifting more albums than any of her female peers in the last five years.

Brit, 23, has just sold her 60 millionth album, leaving her label overjoyed and her bank balance overflowing.

And big-name stars like Dido, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Shania Twain have been left for dead by the astonishing selling power of the new Mrs Federline.

An excited spokesman for Jive Records told the Star’s Joe Mott: “To become the biggest selling female artist of the past five years was amazing, but to outsell Madonna over the past half-decade is beyond our wildest dreams.

It just goes to show that Britney is a musical force to be reckoned with”.

Says Joe Mott “It comes as a wake-up call to many – including me – who only think of Britney as a single-seller and serial bride.

But she’s truly back with a bang with new single Do Something, a classic chunk of Britney destined for chart glory.

And as my exclusive shots show, she’s at her steamy best in the vid, which sees her writhing around on a bed in her knickers while a Justin look-a-like watches. And Britney’s stayed true to her roots by choreographing a video every bit as **** as those for Toxic and My Prerogative.

Shunning subtlety for ***-appeal, Britney strips off to shake her stuff, pouts at teh camera and uses her moves to impress a club full of men.

She also flies around in a big pink car, but who needs a plot when Brit’s looking as buff as this?

The new Pop Queen has knocked out five albums. However, there’s still a little way to go to beat Madge’s overall unit shifting power – an average of 6 million albums a year.

But if Britney carries on with her current average, by my calculation she will have outsold Madonna within the next decade.

And she’s snogged her too!”

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