Brit counting days?

Will Britney Spears be making an announcement next week?

Rumors abound that the pop star is 11 weeks pregnant and has only been waiting to complete her first trimester before she reveals her secret.

Spears, who turned 23 yesterday, is said to have gotten pregnant shortly before her Sept. 18 wedding to Kevin Federline and their honeymoon in Fiji.

There’s no doubt that Spears, who bought her second puppy this week, has got maternal urges. She’s totally curtailed her prenuptial partying, though she has been smoking – not a good idea for expectant women.

Spears’ pointwoman Leslie Sloane Zelnick emphatically denied it: “It is absolutely not true. I can tell you she is not pregnant. You’ll see her next week at the Billboard Awards.” thanks toxiclady

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