Britney was just in the z100 studio in New York City for an interview! Britney chatted about her new single “Womanizer,” as well as announcing a world tour for next year!

Check out a video of the interview below:

And for those who cannot hear it, check out a transcript of the interview below thanks to a BreatheHeavy reader:

JJ: It’s so amazing to have you here, because all weekend on Z100 we were playing your new song, as well as classic Britney.
Britney: Thank you! That’s so crazy, thank you for playing my songs like that, that’s awesome.
JJ: You look amazing in person. The hair – everything. She’s got the cool sunglasses on in the studio, she looks radiant.
Britney: Why, thank you. Oh, you’re so nice. You’re too kind, thank you.
JJ: So your sixth studio album, it took a while?

Britney: Yeah. Actually, I did it, I cut Circus two weeks ago. I’ve been working on this album for like six months now.
JJ: So, tell me about “Womanizer” real quick.
Britney: It’s a really cool song. I like the fact that it’s so empowering for girls because it’s basically saying, you know, we know what you’re up to. It’s about guys cheating on other girls and stuff like that. It’s kind of like a girl anthem. That’s why I like it.
JJ: Did you expect that so many women would be able to relate to it?
Britney: That’s exactly what I felt when I heard the song, you know what I mean? So hopefully the fans will see it that way, too.
JJ: And congratulations on the VMAs! Finally, huh?
Britney: I know, right!

JJ: And I heard that you weren’t too crazy about the “Piece of Me” video?
Britney: I mean, it’s a cool video, but I think by far I’ve done videos that are way better so I was really shocked that it got the award, you know?
JJ: So were you glad, or like, ‘That’s cool, but I didn’t some other cool stuff!’
Britney (laughs): Yeah, but it was just inspiring though, ’cause now, you know, going forward with the videos that I’m doing now I can really go there and do something crazy and see what happens.
JJ: So I have to ask, are we going to see a tour?
Britney: Oh definitely next year, definitely.
JJ: So is that what’s been up with all the dancing on the side?
Britney: Oh, yeah definitely.

JJ: Cool! So will it be a world tour? Or just the US?
Britney: Umm.. Probably all around the world.
JJ: Excellent! Anything else you want to say to your fans here in New York City?
Britney: I miss it here so much! I love it so much. It makes me… it’s kind of like, bittersweet coming here ’cause I used to live here for two years! And when I come here, it’s like, ‘Man, I wish I had my apartment here still and stuff like that.’ But I love it-it’s the energy-it’s crazy.
JJ: What’s the one thing you miss about it here?
Britney (laughs): Um, the pizza!
JJ: So do you have one slice, or like, a whole pizza and then the treadmill?
Britney: Oh I eat! I eat what I want, I have to yes-definitely.

JJ: Advice for all the ladies-when you go on vacation, eat what you want and then go on the treadmill!
Britney: Yes, definitely.
JJ: Excellent, well I think we should hear “Womanizer” right now on the radio, would you like to introduce it?
Britney: Yes, this is my new song, “Womanizer.” I hope you guys like it!


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