Britney An Inspiration For Selena Gomez’s Upcoming World Tour

April 15, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Britney Inspired Selena Gomez's Upcoming World Tour

Not only did Britney inspire Selena Gomez’s MTV Movie Awards performance, but she’s also an inspiration for Selena’s upcoming world tour.

She tells Ryan Seacrest in a radio interview on Monday:

I kind of miss shows when it used to just be about the dancing and the performing as opposed to how big and elaborate the stage is… so I kind of want to get back to that. My favorites are Britney and Janet Jackson, so I kind of want to do a little bit more dancing and make it about the entertainment and the show and the songs as opposed to how big the stage is or how many effects we can have.

“I’m so excited. I’ll be doing my first world tour and the American dates will run from October 10th through November 20th,” Selena said. Adding, “tickets go on sale on April 20th at”

“It’s going to be a bigger show. I’m excited. I’ve been dancing a lot and I just want to entertain people and I’m super stoked.”

Selena also thanked Britney for her kind Tweets Sunday night.

Super excited to watch her develop into a major recording artist like Brit and Janet. Thumbs up!

And to the fans who are dogging Selena because they think she’s using Britney’s name for attention: stay pressed. She’s flaw free and you will deal. You can love and talk about Britney 24/7 but she can’t? Please… Rock on, Selena!