BRITNEY SPEARS jumped at the chance to make a reality show with husband KEVIN FEDERLINE – because every risk she has taken in her career has paid off.

The pregnant superstar admits the couple were as surprised as fans by their decision to allow cameras into their lives to film BRITNEY AND KEVIN: CHAOTIC, insisting their initial reaction was to shun the proposal.

However, she maintains it is the right decision and the right time to give TV viewers across the world exclusive access to her marriage.

Spears says, “Doing a documentary series seemed like the last thing I would do. Having our series be compared to all the ‘reality shows’ on television right now and putting ourselves out there seemed crazy, but that is exactly when I realised I should do it. The craziest things I’ve ever done have been for the best.”

“The incentive behind me doing this series wasn’t for my career. So much happened last year much too fast and I really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to reflect on all of it.”

“It’s like my own therapy.”


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