It’s time to play. Play with mae.

BreatheHeavy Community members are competing to win a $120 gift card to buy special never-before-seen merchandise from the forthcoming Britney Spears: The Zone online web store launching in 2020.

*Guests, you MUST be a registered member of the BreatheHeavy Community to earn the entry. Register an account in 30 seconds!

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Find all of the words in this In The Zone-themed crossword puzzle.

Once you complete the game, you’ll earn an additional entry for the gift card. You can view your entries tally on the Sweepstakes page.

Who’s gonna win? Post your times in the comments. Good luck!

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  1. 1:43 – took me about minute to release there were word listed to look for. I just kept looking to see how many random words I could find. The work queen took 10 tries to highlight.

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