Oh how we all love hearing about what the pop princess Britney Spears does on a daily basis. Everything from her childcare woes to her switching toothpaste seems to be newsworthy information. But what about the real people out there, the typical American parents that are making the same childcare mistakes as Spears has been getting public attention for that are never reprimanded?

Over the past few months, Britney Spears, her husband Kevin Federline and their six-month-old son Sean Preston have been in the news just about daily. Their quick engagement and marriage, their divorce rumors and all of the “problems” with her pregnancy have brought their faces on to the newsstands for months. Now with all of the public concerns over their inadequate parenting, they are even more popular. Is any press still good press?

According to the Associated Press, the two most recent incidences of stupidity, dropping Sean Preston and driving around with him in her lap, were not a result of anything being “improper within the home.” The real problem in this situation, however, is that celebrities do something wrong, it is a huge problem but if the American public does it we ignore it and hope it will go away rather than let the country look bad.

There are parents and caregivers all over this country that drop babies, don’t make children sit in their car seats and abuse children each and everyday. What about all of those parents? Why isn’t the Department of Children and Family Services visiting their homes with a police ******? OK, it is great to bring all of this to light, but what can we do about it as college students?

Whether you are a teacher, a healthcare provider, a construction manager or some kind of industrial technology major, public education is part of your job. We, the seekers of higher education, have an obligation to this country and its children to stop abuse, neglect and all around irresponsible parenting. Some students here already have children, some would like children and other want nothing to do with them, which ever is the case, as a generation, we have an influence over future generations.

Take some time, if you already are a parent, to look at the way you are taking care of your children and see if there are any changes that you could make that would not only benefit your children but also yourself. If you are planning on having children in the future, think about the things that will be important to you as a parent when that time comes and learn from the mistakes of others. If you are not going to have children, think about joining some kind of mentoring program or volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club over the summer if you have some time.

Whatever you do, think about what it was like to be a child and try to be a good role model for those younger than yourself.

Credit: TheEastCarolinian.com

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