Britney Spears is reportedly steamed at the way her soon to be ex-husband Kevin Federline was treated at the American Music Awards. The newly single mom was a surprise presenter on the show and showed less cleavage and more hair extensions.

But under that – Britney was reportedly fuming at the way Jimmy Kimmel treated K-Fed. Life & Style Weekly is reporting that in his opening monologue as host of the American Music Awards last night, Jimmy called K-Fed a “no-hit wonder” just before a skit in which a likeness of Kevin was placed in a wooden crate and dumped in the ocean. Jimmy quipped that that was the last anyone would ever see of K-Fed.

It was a funny bit (not really) – but not for Brit.

According to the weekly entertainment magazine just a few minutes later, Kimmel introduced Spears as a surprise presenter.

According to a report on the blog – an insider tells Life & Style that Brit was furious that Jimmy made a punch line out of K-Fed. Standing in the wings, the insider says, “She said she didn’t want to go out there.”

She went through with her appearance at the urging of a producer, then “ran off the stage in tears,” says the insider. Brit holed up in her trailer outside LA’s Shrine Auditorium and was “just devastated,” the insider adds.

After about 20 minutes in her trailer, the insider says, “Spears had words with someone from the show, then said she didn’t want her seats, and that no photo or image of her was to be used for any promotion or connection with the show – and then she left.”

So what motivated Brit’s anger? The insider says she has no interest in reuniting with Kev but was mortified to see the father of her children ridiculed, even if in jest, before a national TV audience.

And I completely agree with her. It was a major lack of respect towards Kevin and I imagine how bad Britney feels that this preceded her presentation. And it was just plain obvious that she was upset about it.

It was also very rude to do such a thing when they knew she was there, watching and getting ready to take the stage. Remember that even though Britney appears happy to us, she just filled for divorced a few weeks ago and I doubt it was that easy for her to do.

Source: National Ledger

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