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Review Of Movie:That was one of the funniest independent films I’ve ever seen in my life. Pauly Shore (yes, Pauly Shore) has directed a film about what happened to him after his failed FOX sitcom. It is called You’ll Never Wiez In This Town Again or Pauly Shore is Dead. If you think you could write a better movie about ripping on Pauly Shore, you are horribly wrong. What Pauly has done is steal the thunder of everyone who has ever made a joke at his expense. He tears himself and his career apart in this film, and he does it with the aid of a LOT of Hollywood starts; some 40+ cameos by major players.

I find it really hard to explain this movie, but imagine Rico Suave standing on the side of the road selling oranges with a child who keeps screaming “Chicle! Chicle!” Or how about Pauly buying drugs from Corey Feldman to plant on a dead body, or Heidi Fleiss cursing at Pauly for not paying her hookers enough. All of this and more in this film.

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