As these never-before-seen photos from the next Us Weekly show, Spears and Federline were the picture of romantic bliss last year at a $2,000-a-night beachfront bungalow at the 500-acre, five-star resort Turtle Island in Fiji.

The rate may sound hefty, but it included free booze and massages, perks that the lovebirds took advantage of during their 10-day stay in October, a source told the magazine.

The pictures show Federline, 26, partaking liberally of the island’s cocktails, while Spears, 23, enjoyed a special foot massage.

The couple chartered a private jet to Fiji for a mere $120,000, hopped a seaplane to their secluded paradise and were greeted with leis from the locals.

They kept to themselves for the most part, but posed with local kids as well as the hotel staff who outnumber guests 5 to 1.

“They were very friendly,” the source said.

Unlike Spears’ eye-blink-long first marriage to pal Jason Alexander, the honeymoon wasn’t over with Federline while they were still on the honeymoon. “They spent most of their time chilling out, just the two of them,” said one witness.

“They were very much in love.”

They were so in love that Spears signed her initials “BF” on a hexagonal paving stone that all guests personalize during their stays.

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