Good old Britney- she never lets us down, she approaches career crises with all the care and precision she brings to birth control. For those of us who adore her, it’s yet another summer full of Britney magic. So what if other pop stars are out there with new records? Britney is beyond that, on a cosmic plane. Problems? We Britney fans do not use that word. We call them “fun clusters.” So when she changes her baby’s diapers on the floor at Victoria’s Secret, she’s just showing us the way. When she goes on TV with a mouthful of gum, offering Matt Lauer her Wrigley-flavored wisdom about karma and Kabbalah and how being married to K-Fed is “awesome,” she is lighting a path for us all to follow. As Britney said to Matt Lauer, “I think everybody should be pro-love, you know?” When it comes to Britney, aren’t we all pro-love?

Britney’s Dateline NBC special was a breakthrough, even by her own standards. You’d figure Britney would have the finest media coach in the business, but when Dateline comes knocking, she’s like, whatever, Trevor. So she shows up in Ann B. Davis hair and last night’s clothes. Genius! Britney did her own makeup, and you could tell, not so much by the way her eyelids melted when she cried but by the sincere glow in her cheeks when she called Shania Twain “timeless” and Goldie Hawn “brilliant.”

Speaking of brilliant, who else would claim that her marriage is “none of anybody’s business” barely a year after turning it into a reality show? Who else would decline to discuss her baby, and then announce her new kiddie-fashion line, “Baby Soul Rock & Roll”? “There’s the more elite line, and there’s a rock & roll part, too.” Britney told Lauer in one of her linear moments. “But it’s the cutest stuff you’ve ever seen in your life.” Can’t wait!

By now, we’ve all heard the rumors about K-Fed getting banished to the basement. We’ve all studied the face of the “Manny,” the dewy Virginia lacrosse boy hired to keep her from leaving Sean Preston in the Blockbuster drop slot. But we want more, which is why it was a thrill to see her tell a clearly terrified Lauer about her Southern roots (“I make good tea, OK?”), her parenting skills (“Stuff happens”), her spiritual evolution (“I’m not a Bible Belt”) and her plans for the future: “There’ll be plenty more oopses.” Britney should realize that the oopses are exactly why we love her. Nobody wants a Britney who acts like all those @#%$ perfect, yuppie, celebrity vegan parents. Deep down, Britney understands that her public needs her out on the road, top down, curlers in her hair, Sean sitting on her shoulders and Skinner’s “Gimme Back My Bullets” blasting from the speakers. That’s what “pro-love” is all about.

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