OH MY GOD. X17 is reporting that Britney has been in a car accident! And GUESS who was ******* driving. The user and enabler that I thought was forever gone, ADNAN GHALIB: “Britney’s boy Adnan Ghalib, paparazzo/speed racer, hit a motorcycle today with Brit in the car, according to X17 photographers.

Adnan was driving Britney’s white Mercedes SL, heading east on Sunset about 30 minutes ago in the mild LA rain when the accident occurred.

Apparently Adnan was passing the motorcycle on the right when he sideswiped the bike AND the man on it. Adnan stopped the car, screamed at the guy, not even asking if the poor guy was okay, and then sped away!”

What the hell happend to that “restraining order?” Someone get this douche bag out of her life!

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