Britney was in a minor minor car accident tonight while driving her Mercedes SL convertable northbound on the 405 connector to the 101 freeway when the collision occurred according to, hitting some guy’s bumper at 20 MPH around 9:00pm. Accompanying Britney was her bodyguard, who was in the passenger seat. Traffic was at a stand still on both sides of the 101 temporarily. Britney then drove to the fire station on Coldwater Canyon and Ventura, along with the paramedics. “Britney just appeared to lose concentration and drove into the car in front of her,” says a bystander to Of course because it’s Britney, this has become a huge deal. Lots of cops on the scene. Reports suggest she is being taken into the police station for a drug test, and has also been administered a breathalyser (she passed).

She is OK. Britney is NOT injured, just a little shaken up. Accidents happen, just thank God she’s healthy.

Updates to come…

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