Gettin’ drunk on boxed wine, like a Christmas Party.

Gettin’ drunk on boxed wine, like a Christmas Party.

If you’re a Britney Spears fan, odds are you’ve heard of Derrick Barry. He’s been impersonating the princess of pop for well over a decade, performing as a staple character in Vegas live show Divas, a cast member on Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and tours the globe performing in gay nightclubs as the living legend.

He’s taking his A-game up a notch this holiday season with a parody video of Glory cut “Slumber Party,” stripping away the glossy mansion aesthetics from the original for your every day 9–5 humdrum office party in his version titled “Christmas Party.”

Barry tells the Adrian Anchondo-directed video, which features cameos from fellow Instagram stars Shameless Cub, Nebraska Thunderfuck and Adam Ramzi, was shot in Sherman Oaks, CA in the course of one day.

“Britney has been an inspiration since first seeing the ‘Baby One More Time’ video,” Barry tells BreatheHeavy. “She’s the reason that I started doing drag on Halloween 2003 and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities it has brought me thus far. She’ll always be my biggest inspiration because there is no one else in this business I would rather watch succeed. Her passion for music, dance & performance art continues to remain on a pedestal level for me. I mean, we call her Godney for a reason.”

He added: “I want Britney to know what a gift she has been to Pop music… I hope she realizes what an honor it has been for me to portray her through the art of celebrity female impersonation on stages around the world.”

Watch “Christmas Party” below:

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