Those who doubt Britney can handle being a judge on the X Factor have another thing coming.

“Britney is telling her close friends and associates that despite fears to the contrary, she is ready to take the judge’s seat on The X Factor and that she is more than able to deal with the pressure,” reports

Several stars have spoken out about Britney being unfit for the role, including Howard Stern, Wendy Williams and John Legend, but even behind-the-scenes, Brit’s fiance Jason Trawick has voiced some concern.

“Britney is well aware of what the critics are saying about her. She is anxious to prove to everyone that she isn’t just a ditzy blonde and she is hunkered down with Jason, who will be with her at all times during the auditions and filming,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Britney has been asking a lot of questions about the process and is seeking advice from Simon [Cowell] about how she can be the best judge possible. She is aware of the comments that Howard Stern made about her recently, saying the only reason people would be tuning in to watch her is because she is a trainwreck. She just doesn’t care that he made those comments. Britney doesn’t take that seriously and knows he is just promoting himself being on America’s Got Talent. Britney is excited for the public to see a new side of her and is using the criticism to give her motivation to prove all the naysayers wrong.”

Auditions begin in the summer all over the U.S., and Brit’s already worked out how her boys will tag along.

“The boys are welcomed on the set and will have their own play area. Britney loves her sons so much and is thankful that they have been welcomed as well,” the source says. “Simon really wants Britney to feel that the X Factor staffers and executives will become her second family.”

Confidence is a must!

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