Britney: I'll Do Music For Another 10 Years

Britney ain’t going nowhere!

In an interview with Germany’s Bild, Britney opens about recording hits for another decade, the dark times in her past and and what she looks forward to in the future.

The interview’s originally posted in German, so here’s the translation at its best:

Bild: What do you like to do: music or fashion?

Britney: “Music. But I’m addicted to shopping, and I buy so I’d better commit me in a rehab, so I am not exaggerating when I say that.”

Bild: Do you regret anything from your past?

Britney: “I feel good, despite what happened. I have 33 years, have two wonderful children. Now I’m more aware of my actions and decisions. Compared with the past, I have become more cautious.”

Bild: You look at photo albums from when you were a kid?

Britney: “Sometimes. My mother keeps an album of photos from when I was a child.”

Bild: How do you explain your profession to your children?

Britney: “I explain that mommy is a singer. A pop star who wants to entertain people and make them happy. If my kids feel will also do something more forward, they should do this. I would recommend them to become doctors or lawyers, since I can not recommend my work.’s a very difficult job, full of bad guys. If you want to follow this line, you have to be a very confident and strong-willed person.”

Bild: How long do you still want to stay in the music world?

Britney: “I give myself another 10 years. Soon I will have more children and get married. Till now, I have not found the right guy. But everything happens for a reason and that’s a good thing. But I do not regret anything.”