Pour the drinks, bring the noise!

Britney & Iggy's "Pretty Girls" Gets The VIP Remix Treatment

Over played “Pretty Girls” yet? Lucky for you there’s plenty of new remixes to spice things up.

Britney and Iggy are probably (but I feel like I’m never) satisfied after their solid performance at the Billboard Music Awards, but we can’t get enough of “Pretty Girls.” And neither can the good people of the United States, who helped Billboard receive its highest ratings in 14 years. To the point where this plethora of new remixes, including mixes from Liam Keegan, ChewFU and Adam Madoun, is absolutely necessary to add to our playlist, otherwise the people in our closest listening proximity will throw something heavy at us.

Listen to the new “Pretty Girls” dance remixes below (be sure to scroll):

“It’s not something that I ever anticipated happening,” Azalea told Billboard on Sunday about her collabo with Britney. “I loved pop music but I loved rap and I wanted to be a rapper. And I didn’t know I’d end up making such a crossover mesh of pop and rap where that would be a collaboration that would be possible. In the last two years I kind of transitioned my style so much to where that could be plausible,” Azalea continued. “So I didn’t when I was younger, but it’s really quite surreal.”

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