Britney & Iggy Azalea's Song Debuting In A "Big Way"

The Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea collaboration is still happening.

I hoped if I closed my eyes, shut my ears and didn’t read about any new information regarding Britney’s upcoming single with Iggy Azalea that it’d go away.

I was wrong.

A fan Tweeted Iggy saying an insider claimed their collab was “removed from Britney’s album due to the fact that Iggy made the announcement on twitter,” but alas… they were wrong, too.

Iggy clarified saying it’s definitely still happening, and and definitely in a big way.

Britney told reporters a few months ago she’s aiming for an edgy pop rock album, something out of left field, so to hear about the collaboration moving on full steam ahead is slightly upsetting. I love Iggy Azalea’s music, but she’s quickly becoming the new Pitbull. Will they make a hot song together? Sure. Will it shake the Internet and reintroduce Britney Spears to a younger audience? Possibly. But will it be innovative? I’m leaning towards no.

As for debuting in a big way? Let’s hope we can hold out long enough for a VMA premiere, shall we?

Looking forward to both these ladies shutting my trap and proving me wrong.