Britney opens up to Dan Wootton for ‘Lorraine.’


Britney is into herself in the most precious way.

Britney is hitting the London promo circuit HARD. She kicked off her trip with a performance at the Apple Music Festival on Tuesday (Sep. 27), then the following day geared up for a mini promo tour that included chats on BBC Radio 1 and the Jonathan Ross Show (which airs Saturday, Oct. 1). She also sat down with Dan Wootton for Lorraine to chat about Glory, being single in her ’30s and more.

“I like my thirties way more than my twenties,” Britney told Wootton in an interview ahead of her Apple Music Festival performance. “Twenties were horrible. In my teens was fun, but I like 30… ’30s is great.” She adds it’s because that’s when you really begin to know who you are.

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“I’m loving and learning myself every day, and learning who I am,” she continued. “It’s awakening, it’s cool.”

Britney also mentions listening to a lot of ’80s and ’90s music to find inspiration for Glory, then name-drops Selena Gomez’s Revival record. “I just think her vibe is really really cool, and moody and ****” she said. “I just kind of wanted to play into that.”

Cool, moody and **** are all words to describe the Glory era, but don’t think for a second she’s diving into herself for a man. “It’s OK to be single,” Britney said.

As for whether she may give up music and go into teaching, Brit said no, but then jokingly affirmed with a wink, “you never know.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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