Britney confirmed in her Capital FM interview there’s a collab on “Britney Jean,” but WHO? There’s several big names rumored to make the cut.

Miley Cyrus is a contender considering the two recently recorded a song for “Bangerz,” but I doubt Britney’d be down for two songs with her, so she’s out.

Rihanna was another artist rumored to land on another Britney track, but she’s teaming up with Eminem, so let’s assume she’s out, too.

Brit and Lady Gaga hit the same recording studio in L.A. just one week apart, but… yea no.

Maybe it’s “Britney Jean” executive producer Will.I.Am who shares a history with the Queen. I have a feeling we’ll hear Will on the album, but that’s not the collabo Brit’s keeping tight-lipped about.

That leaves us with Drake and Beyonce, who’ve been rumored for quite some time.

Or D.) None of the above. Wiz Khalifa confirmed on-air a few months back he laid down vocals already, saying: “Yea, I’m on the Britney album. I actually got on there from working with Will and Jean Baptiste.”

Who do YOU think is the collab on Britney’s album?