I mean… BRITNEY just wants to chillax.

“I feel positive, I feel much happier, and things are looking good again,” Britney allegedly said in the latest issue of Britain’s More! magazine, according to Showbizspy.com.

“I’m learing to relax more and take everything in my stride, and to not place so much pressure on myself.”

Britney, who has only had one filmed “interview” (For The Record) since being hospitalized in January 2008, is placed under a conservatorship due to her “unfit” choices as a mother and singer, according to her representation.

“I’m learning to take better care of myself,” she added, “and not get stress or down about things for nothing. I’m taking my time these days and not letting myself feel any pressure other than to just feel happy and to work on my music.”

When asked how she currently feels about her life, Britney responded saying: “There are so many things that I am grateful for. I just want to make the most of this time in my life and build from there. It’s a good feeling.”

A.K.A. Britney’s publicist said this.

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