Britney: I Compete With My Past Self

December 27, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Britney: I Compete With My Past Stuff

Britney isn’t worried about other ******* in the music industry because she’s her toughest competitor.

“Unfortunately I’ve set the bar kind of high for myself,” Britney tells the Las Vegas Review Journal over the phone. “I kind of compete with myself and my past stuff and my past work and the way I looked and the way I did things is really top-notch. I really don’t see how I did it.”

Britney’s probably referring to the criticism she receives from fans comparing her body, music, tours to her 21-year-old self.

“It’s just something I have to meditate on every day and really go for it. I have to kind of unfortunately keep that ideal of myself, because as a performer that’s what people expect of me. I have to try and deliver that.”

And that she did – she killed it at her rehearsal show on Thursday and fans attending were thrilled – precisely the aim for this era.

“As we’re older, we’re more open to share our personal experiences with people,” Britney says of the personal theme fans see at “Piece Of Me” and on “Britney Jean.” “We don’t take things too seriously and it’s more of a therapeutic thing to do that.

“As we get older, we need therapy,” she adds with a laugh. “So I think it’s a really good transition for me.”

You keep setting that bar real high, Britney! It’s the only way to be…