September 23, 2004 By Jordan Miller

BRITNEY SPEARS is laughing off reports she faked her own wedding by releasing official photos to American tabloid PEOPLE.

The POP SUPERSTAR has come under fire following an US WEEKLY report suggesting her and KEVIN FEDERLINE’s nuptials on Saturday were a hoax, dreamed up to allow the couple to wed in peace next month.

Spears insists Us Weekly journalists are getting mixed up with the fake engagement party invites, which were handed out to family and friends earlier this month, which implied Saturday’s function was just a house celebration of their upcoming wedding.

Guests who arrived at the party in Studio City, California, were then told the bash was actually a surprise evening wedding ceremony.

But Britney’s adamant that she really is Mrs Kevin Federline, although she confesses the pair are too busy consummating their marriage to sign the paperwork making the bond legal.

In a statement released to People to accompany the official wedding pictures, the singer says, “I know we’re not completely legal until we file the license, which we’ll do next week, but in a real sense, a spiritual sense, we’re married.”

Meanwhile, Britney and Kevin have posted shots of themselves in the MY PREROGATIVE music video (above) on her official website. thanks